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The online version of Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals is available in two subscription types.
You can either subscribe to the online system only or take a subscription to the online system combined with a subscription to the printed series.

The combined subscription to the online system and the printed series requires that you buy at least 2 new titles of the series.

Subscription type* Price excluding 6% VAT Price including 6% VAT
Online system only 499 euro 528.94 euro
Online system + printed series** 250 euro 265 euro
* Subscription prices are for one standalone user only. If you wish to subscribe for multiple users or via IP recognition, please contact us by e-mail for a price offer.
These prices are valid for single users. If you are an institutional user or consortium, please send us an e-mail to receive a price offer.
** This price is only for your subscription to the online system. You will receive a separate invoice for each book of the series (185 euro (incl. VAT) per book -20% + postage: 185 euro being the retail price on which you receive a 20% reduction as subscriber).