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André Klip

André Klip is Professor of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and International Criminal Law at Maastricht University. He is a Judge at the 's-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal (since 2002). He is president of the Dutch section of the international association of penal law. He is also a member of the standing committee of experts on international immigration, refugee and criminal law, a member of the editorial board of 'Delikt en Delinkwent – Tijdschrift voor Strafrecht', as well as of the 'International Criminal Law Review' and coeditor of the 'Commentary on Dutch Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters'. In 2009 he published 'European Criminal Law. An Integrative Approach' Intersentia Antwerp.


Steven Freeland

Steven Freeland is Emeritus Professor of International Law at Western Sydney University, where he was previously Dean of the School of Law, and Professorial Fellow at Bond University. He also holds Visiting or Adjunct positions at various other Universities/Institutes in Copenhagen, Vienna, Toulouse, Hong Kong, Montreal, Kuala Lumpur and London. Prior to becoming an academic, he had a 20-year career as an international commercial lawyer and an investment banker. He is a Member of the Advisory Group of the Australian Space Agency and has been an advisor to the Australian, New Zealand, Norwegian and several other Governments on issues relating to national space legislative frameworks and policy. He has represented the Australian Government at the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) and has also been appointed by UNCOPUOS to co-chair multilateral discussions on the exploration, exploitation and utilisation of space resources. He has also been a Visiting Professional within the Appeals Chamber at the International Criminal Court, and a Special Advisor to the Danish Foreign Ministry in matters related to the International Criminal Court. He is a Co-Principal of specialised space law firm Azimuth Advisory and also a Director of the International Institute of Space Law, and a Member of the Space Law Committee of the International Law Association and of the Space Law and War Crimes Committees of the International Bar Association. In addition to co-Editing the Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals book series, he also sits on the Editorial Board / Advisory Board of a number of internationally recognised academic journals.